We accept baby with minimum weight from 4.5 kg until 36 months of age.

Our regular baby spa session is RM88. It includes 30mins swim + 30mins massage.
You can also check our packages at Hippopo Packages.

It is advised to arrange for an appointment so we may prepare for your warm visit.

Yes, we provide the floats and swimming diapers.

You may bring a change of clothes for your baby after their swim session.
We provide towels as well. However if your baby has sensitive skin, you may bring your own.

Our water is from 32-35 celsius.

For 0-6 months, the water in the small tub is changed before every baby. For babies above 6 months,
we use the big tub which uses ozone filter that will cleanse the water and maintain hygiene.

All our therapists are certified in nursing and physiotherapy. They have undergone the proper training
before being allowed to handle your baby. Rest assured.

Yes, it is required for you to be present.