Pampering your loved ones from the heart

Halo! Kami adalah Pamper Me Baby & Kids Salon & Spa, tim spesialis dan tenaga professional yang memfokuskan diri pada perawatan anak-anak. Kami akan memanjakan anak Anda dengan kasih sayang dan sepenuh hati sehingga meraka merasa dicintai dan diperhatikan – layaknya di rumah!

Why Baby Spa?

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Why Pamper Me?

Benefit For Baby

Enhance confidence and security so the babies will feel more loved, valued and respected.

Increase lung capacity by strengthening intercostals muscles and respiratory system.

Boost the babies’ emotional stability, which will help reduce crying and emotional stress.

Encourage brain development of babies and children since spa stimulates the senses through body awareness and coordination.

Increase levels of relaxation through more sound and longer sleep.

Help the babies to feel securely attached with the parents, which will result in a stronger parent-baby bond

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